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Re: Silly Season - New to me car

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RichardMotion wrote:I understand that I have a huge learning curve ahead. I also understand that the only skill I have is the ability to see the race lines. Cars are sorta brand new to me other then the grocery getters and attitude towards driving in general.
The MR2 is just a toy car for me replacing my bikes. Had I wanted to be super-competitive in this endeavor I would have sprung for a Miata.
I haven't raced a bike either but I think a lot of the principles are similar including trail braking, oversteer, understeer and lines just adapted to the vehicle you are in whether it is a bike or car, front, rear or AWD. I also think an MR2 with the right tires could be very competitive. I think you are all set to have a lot of fun and success.
Does refusing to go to the gym count as resistance training? :?
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