2020 feedback

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2020 feedback

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I’d like to use this thread for any feedback and suggestions on what could be done better for the eliminator event and the 2020 season.
For the eliminator I did try to talk lots of people to get feedback but may have missed some or maybe you’ve thought of it after, feel free to post here both good and bad.
First of I know it’s confusing and until we get underway on Sunday I can’t give anyone an idea on what the afternoon is going to look back as there are many variables including weather, turnout, course, timing issues and most of all time.
We were able to at least meet our goal of making sure everyone in the afternoon got 2 runs, I was hoping for more but time was not on our side.
I think that the biggest thing was how we came up with the matchups and here is where I know there is room for improvement. With the eliminator being fast paced and trying to get everyone out as quickly as we could we tried coming up with the most fair way of matching everyone up while making the other events (Saturday and Sunday morning) count as well. Was it perfect NO, but it was the most efficient we could do in such short time. I’d love to hear not only suggestions on what people would like to see but a way to get there in a high intensity fast paced eliminator event.
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Re: 2020 feedback

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I have heard nothing but positive things about this year's event. You did a great job. I don't know what could be improved.
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Re: 2020 feedback

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I think it was perfect :mrgreen:

Now that I can see how the runoffs filtered down, it totally makes sense how you did it. Great job keeping that organized!

I know people were getting anxious when they were lining up because the number of cars and how everyone was parked. Perhaps utilizing more of the middle parking spaces instead of the east side. That way people can pull out and go around instead of getting “trapped” and waiting to get in que. also, the two line thing is a good idea, with half the group in the right, half left. Right side goes first, then left. Not staggered. Same issue at college. Not really a big issue, but I could feel the anxiety some people were having when it was unclear where/how to line up.

For the top guns working first, it did seem like a long time to be standing out there while the hotshots ran off down to 8. Mulling over how to minimize change over time but still mix up the work time. Perhaps 3 groups like Pitt Meadows? Get the people resting before working go out along the side of the course and get ready to replace existing workers ? Could have the spray bottles at the stations to minimize waiting for flags/radios to come in, then sanitize and go back out ?

Really minor issues in the big picture of things. Honestly, I think it ran really well and very smoothly. kudos to the organizers
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